01 Investing in Canada's Future   ___


As an industry leader, Lockheed Martin Canada aims to support its employees, customers, supply chain, industrial and academic partners, and the wider community. We are proud to play an active role in helping to strengthen the quality of life in Canada and the local communities where we live and work.

Lockheed Martin Canada focuses its philanthropic efforts and support in two key areas:

  • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education
  • Military and veteran causes

As part of our efforts to educate and inspire tomorrow’s scientists, engineers and mathematicians, Lockheed Martin Canada’s approach to STEM outreach includes support for programs, events, and campaigns that focus on student engagement and achievement, teacher development, and gender and ethnic diversity.

Lockheed Martin Canada is also dedicated to supporting service members with programs that improve their lives and the lives of their families, enhance educational and training opportunities, and honour their selfless duty to our country.

These causes reflect the values embodied in our employees and are intrinsic to the Lockheed Martin culture. In addition to providing donations and sponsorships, the company encourages its workforce to volunteer both time and expertise to supporting local community groups and actively encourages employee fundraising events and activities. Stated simply, our employees care. They are talented professionals, but it is their genuine concern for others that helps make Lockheed Martin Canada an exceptional contributor to our communities.

Click on the images below to learn more about the specific programs we support and our dedicated employees who volunteer in our communities.

02 Fueling Innovation in Canadian Industry   ___

Located within Lockheed Martin Canada’s newest facility in Ottawa, the Lockheed Martin IMPACT Centre is the company’s latest initiative to invest in state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure across Canada to accelerate technology development and promote a thriving culture of innovation.  

The Lockheed Martin IMPACT Centre will complement the company’s world-leading Maritime Advanced Training and Test Site (MATTS) in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. It will leverage the advanced engineering skills and technology honed at the MATTS in the development of Canada’s modernized Halifax Class Combat Systems and associated trainers.

03 Mentoring our Next Generation of High Tech Professionals   ___

Lockheed Martin Canada’s future success depends on a constant supply of highly trained and capable technical talent. 

The Lockheed Martin IMPACT Centre is part of our commitment to STEM education, helping to educate and inspire tomorrow’s scientists, engineers and mathematicians. In addition to serving as a demonstration and collaboration area with customers and industry, the Lockheed Martin IMPACT Centre is a venue to meet with students and community partners and explore how to work together to advance STEM education. 

04 Growing Canadian Industry and Capability for Major Exports   ___

As part of Canada's Defence Procurement Strategy and the Industrial and Technological Benefit policy, Lockheed Martin Canada’s partnerships with industrial suppliers will flow through the Lockheed Martin IMPACT Centre.

With a particular emphasis on small to medium companies, partnerships at the Centre will promote the growth of small Canadian businesses, advance Canadian research, support sustainability, and enhance Canada’s capability for major exports in the defence and technology sectors.

05 Supporting Canadian Research and Creativity   ___

The Lockheed Martin IMPACT Centre will act as a hub for Lockheed Martin Canada’s research and development activity, seeking to strengthen relationships with Canadian universities and academia.

The Lockheed Martin IMPACT Centre will provide valuable expertise to participants and promote research and development within the Canadian defence and technology sectors.

06 Engineering a Better Tomorrow through Transformative Technology   ___

With an initial core focus on naval systems, work showcased at the Centre will aim to meet Canada’s needs for the Canadian Surface Combatant and international naval opportunities.

The Lockheed Martin IMPACT Centre will also look to harness leading technologies in: 

  • Sustainment 
  • Performance-based logistics 
  • Training 
  • Solar energy 
  • And more! 
07 Become a Lockheed Martin IMPACT Centre Partner   ___

The Lockheed Martin IMPACT Centre provides an opportunity for organizations to exploit technology advances and engineering expertise to foster product development as well as develop strategies to optimize success for a sustainable business in Canada.

If you are one of the following, and share our vision of building lasting Canadian industry through partnership and innovation, we welcome you to take advantage of our Lockheed Martin IMPACT Centre resources:

  • An international company seeking entry into Canada
  • A Canadian small or medium size enterprise
  • Government agency, college or university

We are primarily interested in technologies that can strengthen the capability and sustainability of our Naval Combat System solutions - but we are also interested in innovations in training, cyber security, software development, integration and test, Performance Based Logistics, or energy solutions.

08 Take a Look Inside: Building the IMPACT Centre   ___


The Lockheed Martin IMPACT Centre is an interactive space showcasing innovative solutions for our customers, industry stakeholders and community partners.


09 Canada News   ___
#ChooseToChallenge - International Women’s Day
Jun 30, 2020
In celebration of International Women’s Day, Lockheed Martin Canada embraced this year’s #choosetochallenge theme, participating in a variety of engagements demonstrating support for women in defence and security and STEM fields!
Actua Partner Spotlight
Oct 11, 2022
Since 2015, we have donated over $800,000 to Actua supporting their work to provide skills development and outreach programming.
COVID-19 Philanthropy
Jun 30, 2020
Over the course of 2020, Lockheed Martin Canada is proud to have dedicated $370,000 CAD to support efforts related to COVID-19 relief. This charitable giving will help support the communities in which we live and work and will provide assistance to some of the most vulnerable populations across Canada.