Autonomous Technology in Unmanned Systems

Technology is transforming how humans and machines work together. 

Advances in autonomous technology are revolutionizing the human-machine relationship, and Lockheed Martin’s investments in optionally manned and unmanned systems are leading the charge. We’re ushering in a new era of autonomous All-Domain mission capability.

Optimizing the Human-Machine Team

For decades, Lockheed Martin has been delivering advanced autonomous systems to the U.S. military and allies to meet our customers’ most demanding missions. Through strategic investments and nontraditional partnerships, we’re combining commercial best practices with our expertise in defense tech to bring cutting-edge autonomy capabilities to the defense industry rapidly and affordably.

Enabled by Advances in Autonomous Technologies

Lockheed Martin’s unmanned technologies enable our systems to go farther, operate longer and succeed in harsh or dangerous conditions. Within these systems are elements that make them smart – and ultimately help users make intelligent decisions.

Increased Trust

Increased Trust

We’re building trust through rigorous validation and verification of our autonomous capabilities to mitigate direct threats to the warfighter – ultimately, increasing mission readiness.  
Maximized Performance

Maximized Performance

The deployment of autonomous systems help to maximize the operational effectiveness of a mission while ensuring the safety of the human-in-the-loop across air, land, sea and space. 
Decision Making

Decision Making

Our autonomous solutions leverage artificial intelligence and advanced computing to help operators make more informed decisions. 
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Meeting Challenging Missions

As our service customers evolve their unmanned missions, we’re increasing expeditionary capabilities, providing longer endurance and beyond-line-of-sight communications, offering a wider variety of payloads and increased payload capabilities, and focusing on survivability and reliability.

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Unmanned Military Case Study
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Indago 4 - UAV
The Indago quadrotor unmanned aerial system (UAS) goes beyond an average drone’s capabilities with its leading endurance and quick deployment ability.
MATRIX™ Technology
Sikorsky’s MATRIX™ Technology program is developing systems intelligence that will give operators the confidence to fly their large rotorcraft safely, reliably and affordably as autonomous
Stalker UAS: Intelligent Unmanned Aerial Systems
Explore Lockheed Martin's Stalker: an advanced unmanned aerial system designed for surveillance, providing long-endurance imaging capability.
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U.S. Air Force Secretary Kendall Flies In AI-Piloted X-62A VISTA
May 03, 2024
Press Release
Lockheed Martin Skunk Works® joined the U.S. Air Force Test Pilot School and other government and industry partners in hosting U.S. Secretary of the Air Force Frank Kendall to fly in the X-62A Variable In-flight Simulation Test Aircraft (VISTA).
Unmanned Platforms and Beyond: Javelin’s Growing Platform Integration
Mar 25, 2024
Over the last two decades, Javelin® has become the combat-proven precision weapon system of choice for defending against threats worldwide.
80 Years of Lockheed Martin Skunk Works® Innovation
Jun 26, 2023
Celebrating 80 Years of Skunk Works Innovation.
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