The Last Fund Partner Spotlight

The Last Fund Partner Spotlight
November 03, 2022
Lockheed Martin Canada proudly established a new partnership with the Last Post Fund in 2022. The  mission of Last Post Fund is to ensure all Canadian and Allied Veterans are given the burial they deserve for playing an integral role in Canadian history.

The organization provides a range of services, including the Unmarked Grave Program and the Indigenous Veterans Initiative. Both initiatives require extensive research, community support, and funding.

The Unmarked Grave Program provides a permanent military marker for eligible Veterans who lie in unmarked graves, whose grave has not had a permanent headstone or foot marker for five years or more, and who have not previously received funeral and burial funding from the Last Post Fund or Veterans Affairs Canada.

The Indigenous Veterans Initiative commemorates the memory of over 18,000 Indigenous Veterans, many of whom are thought to lie in unmarked graves. This program has two components, Indigenous Unmarked Graves and Indigenous Traditional Name Marking. Indigenous Unmarked Graves provides grave markers to Indigenous Veterans deceased for over five years and in unmarked graves. The Indigenous Traditional Name Marking initiative adds traditional names of Indigenous veterans to existing military grave markers.

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