Integrated Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance Systems

Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance Systems
Tailoring Mission Systems to Meet Diverse Customer Needs

At Lockheed Martin, we’re working to develop these next generation technologies and to implement them in thoughtful, affordable ways that help our customers meet their challenges – now and in the future. To help customers meet their ever evolving mission needs, Lockheed Martin provides innovative, cost-efficient airborne and ground system configurations that address a wide range of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance requirements. Options are meant to be customized to meet specific ISR requirements that can support military, homeland defense, disaster relief and humanitarian assistance mission needs.

Airborne ISR Systems

Lockheed Martin has developed ISR mission systems suited for a wide range of aircraft platforms. These range from large business jets, to smaller turbo-prop aircraft. A flexible roll-on/roll-off mission suite is available for customers who need a platform that can perform multiple missions, such as airlift and ISR. These mission systems can be either encased into trailer-like containers or configured onto pallets that can be rolled on and off cargo aircraft. All  aircraft can be equipped with a variety of sensor combinations, multiple communications systems tailored to meet the customer’s individual mission requirements.

Ground-Based ISR Processing Systems

For nearly 40 years, Lockheed Martin has developed ground systems that collect, process, exploit and disseminate sensor data from manned and unmanned platforms. Leveraging this expertise, Lockheed Martin offers customers ISR ground stations that range in size from a single desktop workstation to multiple workstations in transit cases to a shelter with associated communication suite.

Integrated Operations & Intelligence Systems

Lockheed Martin merges the capabilities delivered by intelligence processing systems with those provided by mission command and control systems to provide users with a comprehensive single picture of the battlespace. Converging ISR and C2 functions enables a C2 Constellation that brings together airborne platforms and surface sites into a common infrastructure. This unprecedented capability that links ISR, air operations and missile defense systems at the battle management level, allowing users to work together in a shared environment to optimize defense operations.

Ground-Based ISR Processing Systems

For customers who need ISR - aircraft or ground stations - for only a short period of time, Lockheed Martin offers the ability to bring surveillance capabilities to any region immediately via the Airborne Multi-INT Lab, or AML. Lockheed Martin also offers a transition from a service that is completely contractor owned and operated to a standard procurement when the customers are ready to assume operations.
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May 09, 2024
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DALLAS, May 08, 2024 – The U.S. Army awarded Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) a $451 million contract to recapitalize additional M270 systems expanding its domestic fleet of launchers and providing upgrades for global partners.
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May 06, 2024
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