Command Control Battle Management Communications (C2BMC)

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The Missile Defense Agency conducts multiple operational and developmental tests each year to test various aspects of the Missile Defense System (MDS). To provide multiple opportunities to destroy hostile missiles in all phases of flight, the MDS uses an integrated, "layered" architecture. The integrating element and foundation for that architecture is the Command, Control, Battle Management, and Communications system – C2BMC.

Lockheed Martin leads the national team developing and supporting C2BMC and C2BMC-Next.

C2BMC is one of the FIRST battle management systems to integrate across domains

This operationally-proven, layered missile defense system allows commanders to make synchronized decisions about threats at any range, in any phase of flight, from any location in the world.

Operating 24/7, 365 days a year across 18 time zones since 2004

Nodes in 30+ locations, 48,000+ miles of network communication lines

Integrates systems, sensors & shooters across domains to synchronize effects 

Reliable global view of the battlespace to effectively plan, see and manage incoming threats
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Lockheed Martin Awarded C2BMC-Next Contract to Enhance
Apr 11, 2024
Press Release
Lockheed Martin continues to lead the C2BMC National Team, focusing on greater integration and innovative 21st Century Security technology for our ...
Integrating Our Culture
Feb 12, 2024
My journey has always been about more than just technology and defense. It’s about connection, integration, and paving the way for a more inclusive future.
Lockheed Martin Demonstrates JADC2 Integrated Fires Capability At INDOPACOM Exercise Near Alaska
May 23, 2023
Press Release
Lockheed Martin successfully demonstrated digital command and control (C2) to synchronize joint all-domain fires during the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command’s (INDOPACOM) Northern Edge exercise near Alaska.
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