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The single-car crash in East San Gabriel injures several students

The single-car crash in East San Gabriel injures several students

Sheriff’s recruit in grave condition; one of 25 trainees hit by car in South Whittier

Deputies search for driver of single-car crash in East San Gabriel

Police search for driver of single-car crash that injured several students

San Gabriel-East San Gabriel fire department, emergency crews work at scene

Preliminary investigation shows that the cause of the crash, which injured several students, could not be known.

East San Gabriel: School officials sent out a statement saying, “Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone involved in this horrible incident.”

At this time, the cause of the crash has not been determined.

Authorities believe that the driver of the car was going too fast in a residential neighborhood, and that the impact of the collision caused the car to swerve and roll on its side.

There were no injuries reported to pedestrians in the area of the crash.

“This is the most violent accident I’ve ever seen here,” said Assistant Principal James O’Hara.

“I saw him on the sidewalk. I didn’t see where it hit. I saw the car roll and hit a tree.

“It was so fast and this is the worst thing I’ve seen. In one motion, this car goes around the corner two or three times, and then it hits a tree.

“It was just a terrible accident, and everyone is a victim of it.”

Police and school officials are currently searching for a vehicle that they believe may be involved in the accident.

“The vehicle is out on the street,” said East San Gabriel Police Chief Ken Durbin.

“It’s a single car, two-person vehicle, and the car went off the road and rolled.”

“We’re looking for the driver, who we believe may have hit a telephone pole,” said Durb

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