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The Nevada Senate Race Is The Most Expensive in American History

The Nevada Senate Race Is The Most Expensive in American History

Nevada’s Costly, Photo-Finish Senate Race Pits Abortion vs. Economy (AUDIO)

Nevada’s Senate race between two former rivals is currently the most expensive in American history and is expected to be a high-turnout, photo-op, media circus election where the candidates are expected to vie for attention as well as votes. This year’s campaign has been especially messy and emotional, as the two men have battled over abortion, with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and challenger Sharron Angle criticizing one another for not being pro-abortion.

In a radio ad posted on the National Right to Life website, Angle said that Reid and Planned Parenthood have given money to “homosexuals,” “the ACLU,” and “the Klan.” Reid’s campaign spokesman Ken Boehlert said Angle was “rightly criticizing” Reid, whom Angle has repeatedly referred to as “Harry Reid.” However, Angle’s own ad did not mention Reid by name. Angle’s ad also falsely claimed that Reid voted against the federal health care bill in 2007. Reid was later forced to apologize for saying, with regard to the health care bill, “I don’t think we would get enough votes in the House.”

The Nevada Senate race highlights the ugly underbelly of our national election system, which provides for a campaign atmosphere where every race is judged solely by the issues. The national media are also under pressure to cover every race equally regardless of which side has a better chance of winning at the polls.

If you doubt that the Nevada Senate race is indeed the most expensive in American history (it is), you can watch the following video to see for yourself. The ad above comes from the National Right to Life, the group that Angle has been defending all year.

Angle is certainly up there with some of the most disgusting politicians for the year.

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