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Nancy Pelosi isn’t a senator

Nancy Pelosi isn't a senator

In Pelosi, women admire a leader with calm, cool confidence. But Pelosi’s strength isn’t solely an attribute of her demeanor – she is also a political animal who knows how to win elections. And winning is the most important thing in politics.

Since she was first elected to Congress in 1992, Nancy Pelosi has established herself as the most popular female member of the House of Representatives, thanks in part to her impressive skills in getting fellow women elected.

But, in 2016, she has an opportunity of a lifetime to really make history. In addition to being the first woman of color to become the speaker of the House – and, after a historic run, the first woman to lead the US House of Representatives since the 60s – Pelosi will move into the top spot in the American political firmament as the Democratic Party’s leader.

“The Democrats have historically been the party of all of our people, including people of color,” Pelosi told a room of supporters on Thursday night during her final public speech in the House chamber.

Pelosi’s strength has been to tap into the energy and talent of progressive women that make them powerful candidates. And yet, it was also a big step to make the move from the Senate to the House: Nancy Pelosi isn’t a senator.

‘She’s got an ear for the working women, the young women to connect with. I would not have known how to do that in the Senate’

She grew up on Capitol Hill, where she learned to identify with women on issues like abortion, gender justice and equal pay, said former Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid, who worked with Pelosi on the Democratic caucus and House leadership ranks.

“She is from the working class, she has a working class background, she works with working class women,” Reid told Politico.

The problem is that a lot of Americans don’t see her this way, said John Della Volpe, an Ohio-based political consultant and

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