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Kenyatta is seeking to expand his international profile

Kenyatta is seeking to expand his international profile

Kenya ‘a beacon of democracy’ in East Africa, says expert

In a first, Kenya is to open its first foreign embassies in East Africa – and it’s not just in South Africa where the country’s leaders have sought to expand their influence.

Kenya’s leader, Uhuru Kenyatta, is the chairman of the African Union, and is the first from the continent to become head of state of a country on the continent.

Kenyatta is visiting the UAE this week, as part of his tour of the region. But he’s seeking to expand his “global footprint” as chairman of the AU and look to expand Kenyatta’s national influence, as well.

“Kenyatta is also seeking to put into place his own foreign policy,” writes the BBC’s Yolande Lolo.

The world’s shortest distance

Kenyatta has taken some steps to further his international profile. He has said that Kenya is willing to sell a 20% stake in its national airline, Fly Kenya, and that this should be a market for the UAE to buy.

In an interview with the BBC, Kenyatta said: “Kenya is a beacon of democracy in East Africa. It is a shining example of African-American solidarity. We stand with our brothers.

“Our African friends can learn from the way in which we handle things. When the question of the ownership of a plane is raised, we are the only country in the world willing to sell a plane. We are also the only country in the world willing to sell a plane without saying it.”

When his tour finishes in the UK, the Kenyan leader is set to travel to the UAE.

His visit comes at a time of rising tensions between the two nations.

This comes on the eve of a visit by Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Saudi Arabia, where he’s expected to declare on Tuesday whether the country will stand by its commitment to a 2015 international deal to fight against Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

Selling our dignity

Kenyatta has previously been accused of trading in Kenya’s

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