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Frieze Los Angeles 2023 Art Fair to be held at Santa Monica Airport

Frieze Los Angeles 2023 Art Fair to be held at Santa Monica Airport

Frieze Los Angeles plans 2023 art fair at Santa Monica Airport to be its largest ever

The first year of the fair, set to take place in October or November, will feature over 20,000 art pieces, some of which will be on loan from galleries and museums around the world.

The exhibition, which is organized by the city, will feature more than 1,500 pieces and will showcase art created by local and international artists, including a number of pieces from the city. The city also hopes to promote the fair with local businesses and art enthusiasts.

“We are so excited to announce that Santa Monica Airport is home for the Frieze Los Angeles 2023 Art Fair,” said Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. “Larger than ever before, Frieze LA will be this year’s largest art fair in Southern California. The fair will take place October or November at the Santa Monica Airport.”

The airport, which hosts a regional office of the Federal Aviation Administration, will be the home of the fair for the first time.

“We are thrilled about the opportunity to bring Frieze Los Angeles to the Santa Monica Airport,” said Santa Monica Airport Executive Director Jennifer White said. “This is an exciting time in the airport’s history, and I’m committed to using the Santa Monica Airport as a venue for the fair and its other community-partnership efforts.”

The Frieze concept, which first debuted in the form of Art Basel Miami in 2017, is a three-day non-competitive art fair with the goal to provide an opportunity to celebrate emerging artists, while giving emerging artists an opportunity to share information about their careers and to promote their own work.

Since 2013, Frieze has taken place in cities throughout the world, including New York and San Francisco.

“We have been thrilled to partner with the city and Mayor Garcetti, and we look forward to bringing the Frieze Los Angeles

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