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Erin Sisco, a Dollar General employee, grew her career to $500,000

Erin Sisco, a Dollar General employee, grew her career to $500,000

How a Dollar General Employee Went Viral on TikTok and Left Others Scrambling for a Plan

Before she became a viral star, Erin Sisco was another employee at Dollar General.

Sisco was a cashier, stocking shelves for the discount retailer when she was hired in 2015. One week, she received a letter telling her that her manager was leaving and she would have to transfer to another department. She was stunned and began taking it all in: She learned she was getting her own desk. At first, she was happy, but then she found out her manager had been fired.

Sisco was frustrated. She loved being a cashier, but she wondered if she could take on different roles and find a new career.

A few months later, she learned Dollar General was opening a new warehouse in her town. She was intrigued, and went back to a job she loved. She told herself it was her chance to move on, but she still had a nagging feeling: She hoped she could work for Dollar General.

“The manager that hired me said, ‘Hey, you love working here. Why not give it a try?’ So I left and went back to Dollar General,” she told HuffPost. “I started working in the warehouse. And then I started working in the store.”

She soon began to build a social media following, posting videos on TikTok, a photo-sharing app where she plays up her emotions and often makes people laugh. In one, she’s wearing a pink wig and looks as adorable as a child in the arms of a teddy bear.

On social media, she went from a cashier to an employee of a company called Dollar General, which bought up old-fashioned retail stores like Dollar Tree. Her fame came with her ability to get people to click a button and give her money.

Sisco was quickly on her way to more than $26,000 on TikTok for one video. Soon, she had almost $500,000 on the app. She quit her job and used her funds

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