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Chargers vs Falcons: Man thrown over railing in violent brawl

Chargers vs Falcons: Man thrown over railing in violent brawl

Man thrown over railing in violent brawl outside SoFi Stadium after Chargers game (2 photos)

SAN DIEGO – A man was thrown over a railing in a violent brawl after a game between the San Diego Chargers and the Atlanta Falcons in a game played at the stadium Saturday.

Video from the event shows the man appearing to be thrown to the ground by another person as he walked out of the stadium toward a parking lot after a Chargers victory. As he is on the ground, he appears to push a second person who then throws him back over the railing.

Police were called to the stadium after the altercation and determined there was no violence but the man did not appear to go to the police after the fight. Instead, he walked away from the stadium and got into a black Chevrolet Impala with a broken license plate at a parking lot across the street from the stadium. There, security officials found him lying on the ground bleeding from the head.

Officers used the man’s cell phone to track him and saw that he had been in the parking lot at the stadium in the time before kickoff.

Police are still trying to figure out what led up to the altercation. They would not identify the man who was tossed over the railing. They would only say there was another person who was pushed, but whether that person threw the man over the railing remains unclear.

Video from the scene shows the railing in the parking lot being pulled. Another video shows a fight outside the stadium.

The Chargers made their way out of the stadium and onto the field while the rest of the team watched the fight from a press box across the street from the stadium.

The team said they did not have any video of the fight. But a fan who went to the scene shortly after the fight reported seeing one man thrown over the railing.

The Chargers have lost 12 straight road games and have fallen to 6-10. It has been nearly two years since the Chargers won on the road, an 11-game streak that included victories in each of their last two regular season games.

The team hosts the Cincinnati Bengals in a Monday night game after Sunday’s game. But the crowd at the game will be larger with fans traveling from the

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