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What Will Tory Do If he’s re-elected as mayor?

What Will Tory Do If he’s re-elected as mayor?

Will John Tory’s ‘prudent’ leadership be tough enough to tackle Toronto’s big issues if he’s re-elected?

On Monday, Tory revealed his vision for the next mayor. He talked about the need to build more affordable housing and to get more people back to work, but he failed to go into detail about how he’d implement many of the ideas he’s promoting.

So, for now, he’s just repeating a slogan that seems to hold some currency in the mayoral race: “We’re getting out of the habit of focusing on the same things.”

This was Tory’s second set of election promises as Toronto’s mayor, and he’s had some tough jobs since his first one ran in 2009.

His first term was marked by the redevelopment of the Don Valley Parkway as well as economic development and the push north to expand public transit and create a better downtown for young professionals.

But he was never able to deliver on everything he promised during his first term, and his administration has had a rocky relationship with the press on a number of fronts.

Since then, his administration has lost the approval for the Scarborough streetcar, faced a controversy over a major development site, and had to weather a city-wide strike by city workers.

To make matters worse, since the provincial election, Tory has become the target of a new campaign by a right-wing group that wants the city to remove Toronto Hydro from the city’s control.

So, if Tory were re-elected as mayor and is looking to tackle the city’s big challenges, what will he need to do to be deemed “prudent,” and avoid the same pitfalls that dogged his first administration?

The following are issues that Tory says should be a priority for the city if he’s elected:

1. Build more affordable housing

At a time when housing prices are going up and city staff have no money to expand the affordable housing supply, it’s tough to look past the need to build more affordable units.

At the same time, there are also many people who are struggling to afford housing for themselves or their families.

Building more affordable units is only going to be part of the overall solution to these problems.

If he manages to make this a priority in his administration

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