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The City of San Diego is a bad city

The City of San Diego is a bad city

Editorial: Time to go, Councilmembers De León and Cedillo

It is now time to do over and makeover the city of San Diego.

Let’s start by replacing the Council President and four of his friends on the 15-member five-member City’s Planning and Land Use Committee. There is now overwhelming evidence that these five have squandered city funds for years, used city policy and court decisions against the city (including the case of the public park that was lost in San Diego and the case that the city lost in federal court), and created and used a city bureaucracy that has become an excuse for the City’s inability to govern the city, and to keep from doing it ourselves.

And after all, let’s be realistic about this issue of planning, and all the rest of it, because if only a part is good, then we don’t have a good plan and we certainly don’t have a good city.

We have a bad plan, and a bad city. The plan has been bad for years and the city doesn’t know how to fix it because these five have ruined it by failing to listen to the council and to the people (the people who make the plan for the city and who voted for it). They have squandered city money for years and now they don’t even want to talk to the people who made the money for the plan, the people who want to see the plan fixed and made good, and who are working to get that plan repaired.

These five want to make a plan for the city but they don’t want to go to the people who have the time and the money to do it. Because these five are so corrupt and so incompetent, they have to talk to people who don’t have the time and the money to do the job. This is the same group of people that have created the “City by the Numbers” website. Who are these people?

But I digress.

It is now time to go, Councilmembers De León and Cedillo. I think the San Diego City

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