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Karen Handel’s Defeat of Abortion

Karen Handel’s Defeat of Abortion

Arkansas GOP governor says Trump’s meeting with Holocaust denier is ‘very troubling’ and ’empowering’ for extremism

The governor said the denier, Richard Landry, “is very much an advocate of violence and hatred” for Israel who called for violence against the Jewish state and Israel, saying that the Jewish lobby of Congress was pushing his agenda.

“Richard is a very dangerous man who wants to do harm to the children of Israel,” he said.

Karen Handel is trying to make Arkansas more conservative. She’s trying to make it a more religious state—a red state, just the way she likes it. She’s tried to make it a more religious state.

As Arkansas governor, she’s been fighting the Religious Right—to protect gays and women, to protect the poor. She’s been battling the religious right—to protect abortion.

As governor, she’s been fighting religious voters. She put the Ten Commandments on the state’s money, and she made it the focus of her campaign for governor. Her opponent, Republican Governor Asa Hutchinson, the current governor, didn’t want the Ten Commandments on the state’s money.

Why would you give the country a religious governor like her? Why would you pick a religious governor like her over a candidate who is not religious at all? Why would you pick her over somebody who is a moderate Republican and does not belong to a church or a faith?

That’s the question, Karen Handel asked the entire audience, in the first-ever state-wide debate on abortion.

“It would be very troubling if we had an elected official in Arkansas who was an advocate for abortion,” she said, when pressed by an ABC News reporter.

Karen Handel is the first female governor of Arkansas, and she’s a staunch, conservative Republican.

That’s an easy answer. The Republican majority in the legislature would kill abortion in Arkansas. It would vote down a woman’s right to decide what happens to her body, in a heartbeat. They would vote down a woman’s right to choose life for herself, for herself and for her children. It would vote down a woman

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