Author: Natalie

I’m a frequent Lyft passenger, and I can’t use the Lyft app or the Uber app.

I'm a frequent Lyft passenger, and I can't use the Lyft app or the Uber app.

Help! I Was Banned From Lyft and No One Will Tell Me Why.

I have a long history (I think, it doesn’t seem like it, not all the way back so far) of being banned from Lyft (one account has always worked, most recently this one) and other car-sharing companies because of my political views. For nearly a year I was allowed to use the service, only to be asked to remove my account. Lyft had to issue a statement, and when I explained they refused to address the issue. I tried the other “administrators,” no luck.

I’ve written to Lyft a few times, and asked them why they ban me. The only thing I’ve gotten from them is a standard email about how I’m not allowed to file a claim, and that they will “update our guidelines” to reflect the new policy, which I see is in place the day after I wrote. I’ve also tried to contact their customer service with the same request, but I haven’t gotten any response.

It’s very frustrating!

I’m not allowed to ride the Lyft line. I’m not allowed to board a Lyft or Uber ride. I’m not allowed to use the Lyft app or the Uber app. I can’t even use the official Lyft Web site. When I try to do such things I get a message about a ban. When I ask for a copy of the ban message, they offer me a phone number, but when I call, they just tell me that I’m not allowed to use this phone number. I have to go to their Web site to find the ban reason or to try to appeal their decision. Nothing else works.

This is a serious problem. I’m a frequent Lyft passenger, and if I can’t use the app, I can’t use the car service. I’ve used both before, and I can only find one other account that works. When the Lyft app was created, they listed drivers who were very open to accepting people of all backgrounds and who weren’t afraid of talking about their beliefs. Now they’ve banned me, and

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